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Welcome to the Museum Ethnographers Group website, the place for resources, support and networking opportunities relating to museum ethnography in the UK.

Join us to become involved in debates relating to museum ethnography, whether you are working in museums, teaching, researching, studying, or just interested.

MEG is active across the web - please visit our blog, read our newsletter, and find us on Facebook. Better still, join our community by becoming a member.

Have news and views relating to Museum Ethnography you want to share? MEG would love to hear from you. If you wish to contribute a blog post please contact MEG's web officer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The MEG blog is updated regularly and summarized in MEG newsletters, which are emailed to members every two months from January. Blog posts have included exhibition reviews, event listings, help with identifications and project news.



Latest Blog Posts

  • Anthropology in Action has a small sum of money saved which we would like to use to support events and activities relevant to our aims. If you are interested in organizing a relevant event or seminar, please contact us with an outline proposal. We encourage you to think creatively about what 'anthropology in action' means and the sorts of participants that could be involved...

  • The newly-established Subject Specialist Network (SSN) for Islamic Art and Material Culture would like to invite you to participate in the Islamic Mapping Project. This important and wide-ranging survey aims to gather, for the first time, comprehensive data on the contents and locations of public collections of Islamic art and material culture in the UK and Ireland, however large or small. The survey has a...