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Latest Blog Posts

  • Glasgow University are looking for a Resaerch Associate to make a leading contribution to the AHRC project: ‘A living tradition: Expanding engagement with Pacific barkcloth’, working with Professor Frances Lennard (Principal Investigator) and Professor Maria Economou (Co Investigator). Specifically, the job requires expert knowledge in the area/s of Pacific ethnography or museum engagement. The successful candidate will also be expected to contribute to the...

  • The SLG is seeking an engaging and energetic Researcher-in-Residence to work closely with the Art Assassins, the SLG’s youth forum, to explore, unpick and make accessible the archive of materials collected by government anthropologist Northcote W Thomas in Nigeria and Sierra Leone from 1909–1915.Taking the lead from the Art Assassins, you will explore the relevance of this incredible archive for young people today and help them produce...