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Welcome to the Museum Ethnographers Group website, the place for resources, support and networking opportunities relating to museum ethnography in the UK.

Join us to become involved in debates relating to museum ethnography, whether you are working in museums, teaching, researching, studying, or just interested.

MEG is active across the web - please visit our blog, read our newsletter, and find us on Facebook. Better still, join our community by becoming a member.

Have news and views relating to Museum Ethnography you want to share? MEG would love to hear from you. If you wish to contribute a blog post please contact MEG's web officer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The MEG blog is updated regularly and summarized in MEG newsletters, which are emailed to members every two months from January. Blog posts have included exhibition reviews, event listings, help with identifications and project news.

 ****NEWS FLASH****

Booking for the 2015 MEG conference is now open! 

This year's conference 'Nature and Culture in Museums' is to be held at the Powell-Cotton Museum on the 20th - 21st April 2015. Visit our webcollect page to book your place today! 

Note for Members: If you paid by Direct Debit last year (i.e. by Go Cardless) then your payment will be taken automatically by Web Collect and you should recieve an email confirmation about this. If your payment last year was by cheque, bank transfer or cash then you will receive an order confirmation from Web Collect and a request forpayment at the end of March. If you are one of the few people who used Paypal then we will contact you directly if you have not renewed by yourself before 31/3/15

Conference Delegates: if you do not have a Direct Debit in place and want to renew your membership before you book for the MEG conference (so that you can claim concessionary rates) then please visit the Web Collect site for MEG and click on 'renew your subsrciption'


Latest Blog Posts

  • Australian headdress 1997.5 Bexhill, BEXHM : 1997.5This is described as a ‘Headdress with parrot feathers’, and was donated by a Miss C P Wills. I think these are emu feathers because of the similarity of the feathers to a Leeds example, LEEDM.F.1970.0010:The Leeds example has an old label: "Head ornament of emu feathers worn by aboriginal men...

  • Huge Japanese pot with Buddhist figure on lid Horsham MuseumThis vase, collected by Robert Henderson, father of the donor, is said to have been obtained in 1885 from the Higeyan monastery in Kyoto, and was thought to be ‘over 700 years old’. The donor, Emma Henderson, reported that ‘Lord Banstead .. said it was ‘raku saku’ [ie a form of decorated earthenware?]. Go to a...